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Areas of Expertise


In the year of 2003 George Conway began his career working with disadvantaged and at risk youth as a general education paraprofessional at a local urban Kdg-8th school in the City of Flint MI, shortly thereafter, he was re positioned to the special education department and begin servicing students with moderate to severe mental, emotional and behavioral impairments. Ultimately, Mr. Conway was promoted to Student Family Liaison, a position designed to identity and alleviate concerns and barriers between the school, students and their families that prevented students from achieving academic success.

During that time, Mr. Conway pursued and completed a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan-Flint as well as his Master's Degree in Social Work from Eastern Michigan University, (concentration in family and children's services) Upon leaving, Mr. Conway secured employment as a Licensing Specialist for a private foster care organization partnered with the Michigan Department of Human Services. Mr. Conway then matriculated to the Michigan Department of Corrections as an Institutional Prison Chaplain for Inmates, before returning to education as School Social Worker  (Oak Park School District) and finally the Flint Community School District.

This combination of career experience fuels a family focused and centered dynamic that places the reconciliation of dysfunctional  and estranged families at the primary focus of what we do ReImage Collective. We offer multiple options including individual and group therapy sessions aimed at identifying, acknowledging, and alleviating familial breakdown caused by mental, emotional, behavioral and relational deficit. It is a primary goal to restore relational capacity within the spouse, significant other, parental-child and/or sibling relationship. Though we cater to a variety of  individuals and groups with disabilities, impairments and deficits etc., FAMILY SERVICES are our primary area of expertise.

My Approach
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